Celicourt Children

These two little girls lost their father last June. Gaby wants to help support these children for the next ten or eleven years. Please consider donating on their behalves! Amount needed: $500, per year.

Burn injury

A 2 year old girl from a small village that borders Jacsonville burned her hand in June 2012 in a cooking fire. Her family is very poor and she was not able to get her any medical care. When we saw her in July 2012, she was not able to move any fingers on that […]

Latrines Coming to Jacsonville

Last March, Sante Total conducted a site assessment of the sanitation infrastructure within Jacsonville. Currently, 58 households lack access to latrines or other means to enclose defecation and contain harmful bacteria, such as E. coli. Another 44 household are using latrines that are inadequate by the World Health Organization (WHO) and also are unsafe to use. […]