The reason many Americans are aware of this as a need is because of the horrible cholera epidemic which swept through Haiti after the earthquake in January 2010, but perhaps the more important and long-lasting effect of bringing proper sanitation to the community is the prevention of the spread of the intestinal parasites that plague nearly all children with fatigue, intermittent fevers and malnutrition. Stomachache is by far the most common complaint of those who visit the clinic, and without proper sanitation or education on how to prevent the spread of the parasites, which are spread via the improper elimination of human waste, the disease’s cycle will only continue. Right now a plan is already in place, and Benjamin Castleberry, a sanitation engineer in New Orleans with experience building latrines in Guatemala, will be working with the community to teach them how to build proper latrines in the difficult Jacsonville Soil. All that is needed is money for the materials, and with Ben’s help, the goal is to provide latrines for 30 families by January, 2013. Amount needed: $4500 ($150 per latrine)

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