Electricity at the school

Right now, Jacsonville’s school is run entirely by light provided by the sun, which is acceptable given the modest nature of the school, but the school also has modest goals which can only be achieved by making electricity a reality at the school. The foundations of providing solar powered electricity, rather than the outrageously expensive generator-created electricity that is currently used in emergencies and then only at the clinic, require solar panels, batteries, and an inverter. Having electricity at the school is important for two reasons, the first being that the education the children are receiving at the school is not certified by the government and the children would not be able to enroll at one of the high schools or universities run by the government if they found the money to. This is because every certified school must make the students proficient in two subjects outside of Math, Haitian Creole and a foreign language. The subjects chosen by the school were music and computer. The computer problem has already been solved by a generous donation, but without electricity the computers are next to worthless. The second reason, and perhaps the more important reason, having electricity for the computers is so necessary is that a whole field of opportunity in employment is not open to these kids because they do not understand computers, and with basic computer proficiency they would be very valuable in a job market that is extremely limited to those without skills or an education. Amount needed: $7,584.40 (the exact amount was calculated by a volunteer who factored in the exact wattage needed to run the computers for 4 hours per day, and this includes the solar panels, batteries and the inverter)

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