Support Sante Total when shopping on Amazon

Do you shop on Amazon too much?  Here is how to add us on Amazon Smile and support our mission while shopping! It is free for you, and Amazon donates a small percentage of their profits to Sante Total.

Two ways to add us that each take less than 5 minutes.

1. Under your browser search then type in Sante Total and select our charity.  Now shop! Just make sure you type in when you search on Amazon in the future. It will be linked to your Amazon account with all the same benefits without spending any additional money!

2. Shop in the Amazon mobile app? Then link to smile account.  You must do step 1 first, then open your Amazon mobile app, log off then log back in.  Under the main screen scroll down to Settings, then select Smile Amazon and activate the smile account on the app! That’s it! Now when you shop you are supporting our clinic!

Thank you so much!

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