The road that connects Jacsonville to Pignon is a huge impediment to all aspects of life for those in the community. Transportation in general is a huge problem in Haiti, as even the most important highway in Haiti, Haitian Highway #1, must be driven at speeds of around ten miles per hour in the rainy season, and is dotted by intermittent “potholes” with six feet of water and rivers that can sometimes only be forded with a Landcruiser. The situation is worse for the road between Jacsonville and Pignon, as it is filled with impassable mud that can only be traversed by donkey after the heavy rains that fall nearly every day in the summer. While this may seem like a project that does not directly benefit the health of the community, the road prohibits trade between Jacsonville and its only neighboring city with a Market to sell their goods and sugar cane, it prohibits children from being able to attend high school, it prohibits women from being able to deliver their children in a hospital (a free government service), and it prevents those who are gravely ill from a short ride to a place where they can receive treatment. With all of the money going to pay for rock and materials to fortify the road with something other than mud, this project would have a huge impact on the community. Amount needed: $5,000

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