Black Lives Matter

Sante Total was founded on the belief that the well-being of the entire
person including their physical and emotional health, educational
opportunities, and employment, is a fundamental human right.

Our work is in Haiti, a country birthed by slaves who revolted and
demanded those rights for themselves. Centuries later, Haiti is still
the poorest country in the Western hemisphere.  For 10 years, we have
worked to provide health care and to sponsor health-related projects in
the town of Jacsonville, serving the unseen and the unheard at our
clinic in Haiti. Our fight for equity in health care is the most
challenging but most important work we can ever do.

We vow to never falter in our commitment to create a healthier, safer,
and more equitable world.

In Haiti, in the U.S., and in every community around the world, Black
lives matter.

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