Meet Benben, a student we support

Sante Total is proud to support the education of Jacsonville community members who are passionate to give back to their community. Myrbensly “Benben” is a wonderful example of such a dedicated student, and one of our very good friends who has been a valuable translator for the Sante Total clinic for years. In this post, we want to introduce you to Myrbensly, and highlight his educational efforts and his passion for the Jacsonville/Haiti community. Please consider donating to our organization to continue to support the education of Myrbensly and other similarly passionate students. Thank you for the support!

“My name is Myrbensly Desir, I’m 24 years old. I’m Haitian, I am a gentleman, I’m from Jacksonville (Haiti). I have four sisters and one brother, I don’t have both parents because my father died since 2007; I was 10 years old. About my education: I did kindergarten to 9th grade at St. Rose of LIMA school and 11th to 14th grade at LYCÉE NATIONAL DE PIGNON. I finished my classic school in 2018.

Q: What I do like activity, profession in the community of Jacksonville?
A: I participate to different kind of activity in the community like: I work at Santé Total like translator, in the beginning of the Covid I did a perfect work in the motivation, prevention, sensitization for the people of Jacksonville (Haiti) and the others areas around us with the authorization and collaboration of Sante Total, I play music in the band, in the church, I cut hairs for the boys, I participate at cultural activities, I give my help also in the development.

Q: Why I do like medical biology?
A: I’m a student of medical biology. I like it because I have a definite plan for my future and for the community of Jacksonville, for my country and for international. This is why we have people like dentists, nurses, and students of medicine. We even have a biologist of medicine but they can’t do a good treatment without the help of the technologist. This help is just for detecting the pathology of the disease in the patient. This is why I’m so proud of medical technology.

Q: After finishing with the biology medical facility what I will do for work or activity? And what is my plan?
A: I would like to do a master’s degree in the profession(field) for that I can have more skills after all I will able to give a help that’ll very quality to the community specifically at Santé Total, at St Rose of Lima. According to the idea of functionalism, the individual is the product of the society.

Signed by Myrbensly Desir.

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