Fall 2015 Newsletter

Update: Nadjena’s hand surgery

  Nadjena had her second surgery!  Nadjena is a four year old who fell into a cooking fire when she was two.  The family couldn’t afford medical treatment, so they put toothpaste on the burn, and the hand healed with three fingers fused together.  Her first surgery separated one of the fingers, and she just […]

Summer 2015 newsletter


Virginia Tech Article On Sante Total

Virginia Tech post an article about Alison Smith and Sante Total. Click on the link to see the article.

Research Abstracts Accepted for the American Academy of Pediatrics National Conference 2014

We have had 2 research abstracts accepted to the American Academy of Pediatrics National Conference in October 2014.  Many congratulations to everyone who worked hard on these projects! Heather Solomon, Jennifer Bouso, Carl Mickman, Serena Murphy, Alison Smith, Elisabeth Gleckler. “A Rise of Soil Transmitted Helminths in Children Living in Post-Earthquake Haiti.” Ashley Kiefer, Alison […]

Donation Matching!!!

Help us finish the clinic and double your donation!  That’s right, EVERY donation between now and August 1st will be matched until we reach our goal of $7000 so let’s get the clinic building finished! Sante Total is a charitable organization seeking non-profit status, all deductions will be tax deductible. To donate click the paypal […]

Medical missions inspire grad

Alison Smith, who will earn her MD and PhD degrees at Tulane University Commencement this May, has been participating in medical missions to Haiti since she was an undergraduate at Virginia Tech. “I first went to Haiti when I was in my senior year of college in 2007,” Smith says. “It was a spring break […]

Building roads in Jacsonville

The people of Jacsonville are beginning a project to improve the roads in their community. A message from Moosantu: We haven’t done any work on the road, but they sometimes put concrete blocks on it to help fill in the holes. It is used daily by people of Jacsonville to go into town to sell […]

Rural Haiti: A focus on sustainable health.

Rural Haiti: Focus on Sustainable Healthcare Sante Total saved my life. At the time I was introduced to the organization, I was in a very depressing state: my mother was dying of cancer and I was suffering from chronic health conditions exacerbated by the stress of medical school. I knew I needed something different from […]

Spring 2014 Newsletter

This past winter, two different teams traveled to Jacsonville! The trip in November held clinic led by Dr. Maggie Hopkins and Dr. John Roberts. They also worked on a garden project led by Dr. Carl Motsenbocker. Volunteers included Violet Yeager, Heather Solomon, Amy Cavigli, Alex Coward, CT Grayson, Ebony Raymond, Susan Wright, and Alison Smith. […]