Medical School Education for Jacsonville’s future physician

Jose Bien-Aime is a 20 year old high school graduate who hopes to do two things one day: become a doctor, and become a future leader in Jacsonville and Haiti CSR. Jose is from neighboring Pignon, and since the beginning of the Medical Missions in Jacsonville has served as an English translator for volunteers, no small feat considering the limited nature of his education and the difficulty in learning English. He has demonstrated the intelligence and the desire to learn necessary to become a future physician, and more importantly, the community believes in his capacity to become a leader. His education requires a significant financial investment, but upon receiving money for his tuition, he will sign a contract with the community, promising to work as Jacsonville’s physician for a certain number of years. However, because of his nature and the trust the community has in him, an investment in Jose in an investment in Jacsonville and in the future health and well-being of the community. Amount needed: $4,000 per year in tuition and books

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