Mission Vision & Goals


Sante Total aims to provide sustainable healthcare to rural communities in the Central Plateau region of Haiti.


At Sante Total , we believe you can only improve health through eradicating the disease of poverty. The Sante Total approach considers the entire person- physical health, well-being, education, and employment, to be essential to health and quality of life.


Provide Primary Medical Care: Perform quarterly visits to Jacsonville, Haiti to treat the acute and chronic medical conditions of local residents and those from nearby communities.

  • Student Development: The medical mission trips are a career-building experience for students. They develop leadership and teamwork skills as well as practice physical exam, history-taking and medical decision-making.
  • Community Building: Establish a medical facility to be run by Haitian medical professionals. Our mission in Haiti is not to just provide care for those who do not have access to it, but to create a sustainable solution in which communities are able to provide this care to their citizens. We are working with local leaders in Jacsonville, Haiti to build a permanent clinic. The foundation is currently being built now with money raised through charitable donations.  Ultimately, the clinic will employ a Hatian doctor and nurses and provide training to young people in the community who can then pursue careers in healthcare.
  • Health Education: Develop a public health education program to be integrated into the local elementary school.
  • Economic Development: Institute a community healthcare worker training program.

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