June 30-July 7, 2012: 11th Medical Team Treats Over 300 Patients

A medical team visited Jacsonville for the eleventh trip since February 2009. Team members from Maryland included: Dr. Barbara Weis, Dr. Kristen Miller, Dr. Arieda Gjikopulli, and Christina Stiles. Team members from New Orleans were: Dr. Domnica Fotino, Dr. Julia McDonald, Dr. John Roberts, Matthew Marx, Ashley Sarver, Leah Nuss, Naomi Gadinsky, Gabe Baltaz, Sally Baker, and Alison Smith. The team ran clinic at the Mission House and treated patients for many medical conditions, including high blood pressure, diabetes, malnutrition, and infections. Many patients return every three months to receive treatment from the group. Also involved with the clinic were several young girls from Jacsonville who have previously learned how to take vital signs and several local translators. The next medical team is scheduled for September.

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